Tuesday, April 19, 2005

TB 6, NY 2: More satisfying than a Boston win

I know it sounds crazy, but after watching the Junkees lose to the lowly Devil Rays, I must say - it's even better than when the Red Sox beat them. Again, you may think I'm off the wall, but seriously - when Boston beats them, it's sweet, no question about it. And 2004 will live on and on and on. But here's a minor league team, for all intents and purposes, with a payroll less than Jeter and A-Schmuck alone, and the Yankees can't even beat them? To me, it's a bonus. Who would have thought, Randy Johnson on the mound against the Rays, and the Yankees lose? Beautiful.


Brian said...

I've been reading this blog and I've come to a conclusion - you are truly stupid! You are not just a little dumb. Not just a SAWX fan who can't help but see red. You are just plain stupid.

Let me break it down for you dummy. The Yankees have ALWAYS spent more money than anybody else. ALWAYS. Since 1903.That's just the way it is. Don't cry about it. Spending that money has NOT always guaranteed success. Anybody remember 1981 - 1993? Danny Tartabull, Steve Trout, etc., etc., etc.

Don't try to tell us that there is no excuse for losing when you spend all that money. History has shown that theory to be just plain wrong.

As for the 2005 Yankees. I've got a feeling they'll turn things around soon enough. If I were you - and I'm really glad I'm not - I would PRAY that the SAWX have built up a big lead in the standings. Otherwise you IDIOTS are DOOMED.

Want to see your polar opposite?


Cathryn said...

Just so the only reply to the very true post is not spammy bullshit:

ROCK ON. I could not believe my eyes last night every time I checked the GameCast for this game. On paper, this was an easy win for the Yankees. Randy Johnson, one would assume, should eat the Devil Rays alive without even having to chew.


Man. I know, I know, the season's so young it's barely taken its first steps, and it's too early to conclude much of anything - believe me, I know, I spent the first two weeks of it using this line of defense for Wells and Renteria . . . but I did spend some time today on some lovely fantasies. I intend to enjoy the hell out of this while it lasts.

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