Friday, April 15, 2005

Kevin Kernan: Schmets More Exciting than Yankees, etc.

In today's Post, Kevin Kernan has one of those great pieces sure to get under the arrogant Yankee fan's skin: he says the Mets are a more exciting team to watch than the Junkees. They have young exciting players in Reyes, Beltran, and Wright, and so far Pedro looks like he has a lot more left than Randy Johnson. Meanwhile, the Yankees play with about as much passion as my fantasy team. And I'm sure the Junkee fan will counter by talking about his team's glorious tradition, how the Yanks have had Ruth, Gerhig, and Mantle, while the Mets have had Seaver, Throneberry, and Mookie. Big deal. Ruth and Gehrig aren't taking the field for the Junkees anymore. Let's talk about the here and now.

-- Snorre's genius lineup shuffle update: Womack, Jeter, A-Rod and Williams combined to go 2-for-17 last night. Wow, what a success.

-- I'm starting to like the Dodgers-Giants rivalry almost as much as the Yanks-BoSox, if not a little more. All the focus on the off-field crap like the Sheffield incident is too annoying and distracting. I like to focus on the game on the field, especially when the Sox manhandle RJ and Flush Gordon. Plus, watching the incredible Vin Scully on Wednesday night sure beat being stuck in the car listening to Sterling and Waldman last night. (Funny stuff from Mushnick about that duo.) Anyone want to buy me that XM gadget? Please?

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PizzaBagel said...

Coming home tonight on the #7 train, there were more than a few fellow passengers headed to Shea - evidenced by tonight's attendance of 49,448. Granted, a lot of them are fair-weather fans, but a turnout like that in April - except maybe for Opening Day - has been unthinkable in recent years. Tomorrow's game (with Pedro pitching) is said to be a sell-out. Let's go Schmets!