Sunday, April 17, 2005

O Baby! Birds Put Yanks in Last Place

Been a good weekend so far, what can I say? Pavano got rocked again. The Yanks' pen is a shambles. Grand Tanyon is reverting to old form, Flush Gordon blew another one, and the curse of the Felixes continues to haunt the Junkees. And Brian Roberts is turning out to be the biggest Yankee-killer this side of the Big Papi. And whether it's April or September, there's something special about seeing that name "Yankees" on the bottom of the AL East, below even the hapless D-Rays. I think Baltimore is quasi-legit this year, maybe even a .500 team. I'd give them another year or two before they compete with the Yanks and Sox, but there's no question they're getting closer. And as long as the Sox can beat 'em, I'm totally cool with that. And two wins from Boston are great; plus, it's nice to see that Wells has something left, even if it's against the AAA D-Rays.

And to top things off, my favorite Yankee hurler, Kevin Brownout goes tomorrow. Pull out the brooms, baby!

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Anonymous said...

It'd be better to see the Skank-Hoes in the cellar in late September than in April, but I'll take it all year long. The perfect record for the Skank-Hoes: 0-162, not 1-161 or anything better, 0-162. Sweet! They have four too many wins at 4-8. GRR!