Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Daddy George guaranteed Bob Lemon and Yogi full seasons in the Bronx. Hank guaranteed that Joba would be a starter for the entire 2008 season.

In case you still thought you could take Hank Steinbrenner seriously, that's your answer.

It's been a successful winter for Yankee despisers. The Mitchell Report reminded us that the Yankees' aura and mystique are just what Curt Schilling told us they were. Joe Torre told Floundering Hank sayonara and went to LA. The Mets made the big splash this offseason; maybe it's not good for baseball, but it's good for Yankee haters. And the hot stove season was capped off with Roger Clemens lying through his teeth yesterday.

In a way, Clemens has turned the Yankees into the San Francisco Giants - a team where the specter of steroids overshadows the rest of the team. All eyes will be on Andy Pettitte as this soap opera inevitably continues.

An up-and-coming Rays team should continue to give the Yankees headaches, and the underrated Jays should give 'em a hard time, too. Hopefully Boston picks up where they left off and takes away the bad taste that Belicheck and Co. left in New England. Bring on 2008!