Monday, April 04, 2005

Sierra at Cleanup? What Is This, 1990?

Looking at the Yankees lineup last night, you had all the usual suspects - A-Schmuck, Sheff, Shemp, Posada, and Bernie. In the mighty cleanup spot, who was there for the Junkees? Ruben Sierra!

For a second there. I was confused. I thought I was watching an old Ranger game on ESPN Classic or something. Where's Rafael Palmeiro? Where's Steve Buechele? Who's pitching today, Bobby Witt, Charlie Hough, or Nolan? I felt like it was back in Ruben Sierra's glory days, before he was traded for juice-boy Jose Canseco in '92.

Sierra had a hit in five tries yesterday, but his numbers have fallen big since those days. He's still solid as a pinch-hitter and an occasional role-player, but his days as a cleanup hitter are long over. In a big game, if Jeter and/or A-Schmuck get on, with 2 out, do you really want Sierra up there? You spend $200 million on your team, and a semi-washed-up 40-year old has-been is your cleanup hitter? Come on.

Between Sierra and Bernie, the Yanks have a few gaping holes in the lineup. And Sheffield and Posada aren't getting any younger. And let's see whether we see the '04 Tony Womack or the one that was cut left and right in '03. Not to mention the verdict is still out on Giambi. The Yanks scored a lot of runs yesterday off Wells, but will they get the job done in a big game in a big spot? Hmmmm.

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