Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Junkees' DL Gets Rolling - Sturtze, Sierra, Wright

A decent weekend for the Yankee Despiser, no question. Any weekend that leaves the Yankees sharing last with the mighty Devil Rays makes me smile. Even a weekend where those Rays get 2 out of 3 from the Sox.

Are the Yankees starting to fall apart? It seems every time you think they've made headway, they start stumbling again. After they beat up the Jays in that 2-game set, everyone thought they were back. But the hot-hitting Rangers showed Yankee fans that the back end of their rotation is shot. Especially now with Wright out for 4-to-6 weeks. And Yankee fans shouldn't get too excited about beating up retread Pedro Astacio on Sunday. And though Johnson pitched well, his velocity is still down.

Unless he comes back and goes 10-0 down the stretch, I think we can officially put Wright on to Cashman's list of dumb signings. The guy couldn't pitch well when he was healthy, and now the Yanks are stuck with a suspect front of the rotation (RJ, Pavano, and Moose have been inconsistent so far) and a terrible back end of the rotation (I expect nothing out of Chiang Wing-Meng).

And Sierra's loss hurts the lineup, making the Yanks put in the punchless Tino and Giambi every day. I don't care if Andy Phillips had 2 hits on Sunday. I bet in a couple of weeks, the Junkee fans will rather have Jason Phillips.

Sturtze is coming back soon, but he was starting to look shaky before the injury. I think after Chiang Wing-Meng gets rocked a few times or Brown gets hurt again, Snorre will have to put Sturtze in the rotation, further thinning an awful bullpen.

And yes, I know, things ain't much better for the Sox. Wells (no longer better than RJ) is injured and so is Mantei. But hell, I'll take the good with the bad.

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