Sunday, April 03, 2005

Can the Yankees Go 162-0?

Yeah, anything's possible. The Devil Rays could meet the Brewers in the World Series. But we all know that that ain't happening. Same with the idiotic Junkee fans who think that their team will win some ridiculous number of games this year.

"What do you mean? Did you see the way they smacked around David Wells on Sunday night? Did you see how great Randy Johnson pitched? This is it, baby!"

As Manny Ortiz said the other day, one game does not a great season make. You have to play well throughout. I remember when the Junkees started out 18-3 a few years back, people said they'd win more games than any other team. Didn't happen. So Junkee fans, take it easy.

It's such a double standard. When the Red Sox swept them last April, the Junkee fans blew it off. "Ah, beginning of the year. They're saving their intensity for later on. Don't put too much stock into a meaningless series in April." Yet, the Junkee fans act like idiots when their teams wins one game against the Red Sox - on opening night! Get a life.

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