Thursday, April 14, 2005

Snorre a Genius for the Lineup Shuffle? Come On

All the papers are hailing Joe Snorre as a genius for his lineup change, helping the Yankees win last night. Gimme a break. I don't think he deserves credit for it, and here's why:

1) It was one friggin' game! Is this going to last? Do you really think the Yanks will score lots of runs with a .319 career OBP guy in Tony Womack leading off? Sure, he got on base twice last night, but I don't see him doing that too often. Bernie had a good night as a result of the shuffle, but do you see him breaking out of his slump now? If the Yanks score a bunch of runs every game for the next week and go a big hot streak, then I gotta give Torre credit. But if the Yanks have one or two good games following the shuffle then start sputtering again, then I don't think Snorre deserves credit for getting one measly win in April.

2) It was Schilling's first start following his injury. I wasn't surprised that he tired in the 6th, especially after hitting the 100-pitch zone. I wasn't expecting vintage Schilling last night, and I don't think anyone reasonably was. If Schilling was on his A-game last night, you think Juice-on Giambi and Bambi Williams get homers off him? I think not. And then I don't think you hear all those dumb Snorre accolades. With a tired Schilling in there, batting order doesn't have much of an impact.

3) Furthermore, it was a close game. Wright was wild and iffy, and was lucky that Jeter and Womack made some fine defensive plays. But he got the job done, which is all that counts. But if Wright got bombed again like on Friday, the Yanks' 5 runs would've been ignored. He deserves a lot more credit than Snorre.

A few more points:

--It's not too often that I agree with "Intangibles" Jeter, but he was right on with this quote last night: "With this lineup you can put anybody anywhere and it doesn't make a difference," said Derek Jeter, who was dropped from first to second to make room for Tony Womack, who was elevated from ninth to first.

--Where's Jayson Stark when I need him? With Bernie "$13 million" Williams in the 9-hole, is he the most expensive #9 hitter ever? (Not counting pitchers in the NL) I think that's more than the Royals' 1-4 or something. Ridiculous.

-- rubber match tonight: RJ v. Arroyo. I think it'll be another close one. I'm hoping the Sox figure out RJ and Shemp doesn't steal any homers this time. And even if the Junkees win, there's reason to believe the Sox will come around. They have too many good players to just go bust suddenly. I don't think that's true about the Junkees.


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