Thursday, April 14, 2005

Randy Johnson: Pickup of the Year

Hey Junkee fans, looking forward to having RJ in your 2007 rotation? With 5 earned runs in 7 innings on Thursday night, Johnson's 2005 ERA is a whopping 4.74 - gotta love it.

Now I know you guys will come up with excuses - it was freezing, he was only brought in for October ... the way he's pitching now, who knows if there will even be an October for the Yankees? And the idea that the imbeciles in the front office giving him a 2-year extension. The guy wanted out of Arizona so badly, you didn't need to give him an extension! But George panicked, so there you go. And I'm sorry, he was not that impressive in his first start. He walked a few batters, and didn't have his usual crispness.

I'm beginning to like what I see....

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