Monday, April 11, 2005

Encore on Ring Day: Sox Embarrass Junkees Again

I guess Ring Day couldn’t have gone much better. Aside from the Sox getting the rings in front of the team they humiliated last year, we got to see Mussina pitching like he was Andy Hawkins, A-Schmuck boot another ball, and Giambi struggle again. It was great seeing Kay worry about the Yankees’ offense. Only downside to blowing out the Yankees? No Mariano. And why’d Giambi DH today? Tired of making Mike Piazza look good? (And what was with Joe Snorre partying like it's 1997, putting Tino ".133" Martinez in the 5-hole?) I guess you can’t have it all.

And what a job by Wakefield again. It’s a crying shame that for all the great starts Wakefield has had for the Sox the past few years, he’ll always be the one remembered for giving up the dinger to Aaron Bleepin’ Boone. Wake deserves a better fate.

I can’t wait for Schilling to start on Wednesday. Maybe his return will get the Sox on a hot streak, and will put the Yanks to sleep. And after this series, we get a Yanks-O’s rematch at Camden Yards. The O’s are really becoming fun to watch, and one of my favorite players on that team has got to be Brian Roberts. He went 7 for 15 against the Junkees over the weekend. If he keeps getting on in front of Tejada, Palmeiro, and Slammin’ Sammy, the Yanks will be in trouble. I’m liking this, man.

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