Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So Much for George's Rant - The Funk Goes On

Wow, King George, your rants are so effective. You complain, then get 13 runs in an inning. Wish you could transfer some of those runs to tonight's game, no? Story of these Yankees, who are still waiting for A-Schmuck to get a meaningful hit.

So last week it was a lineup shuffle, this week was George's rant. What's next, Snorre pulling a Dusty Baker and putting holy water on Carl Pavano's arm?

The Yanks sure crashed back down to earth tonight. And I didn't expect it. Even Buster Olney was saying it looks like a blowout, the Yanks facing Nomo. On three days rest, mind you. Only thing I was thinking was, hey, the last time the Yanks won 19-8 against someone (Game 3 of the ALCS), they crashed afterwards. So hey, maybe, it'll happen again.

And Nomo did a helluva job outdueling Randy. Johnson kept his team in the game, but come on; giving up homers to Eduardo Perez, of all people? Inexcusable. Things were close till the 8th. I think Snorre should've taken Johnson out before the start of the inning, but after Flush Gordon gave up a couple of hits, maybe Snorre was right, in retrospect. It kinda sucks when you spend $200 million and have no bullpen. Did I mention that the Grand Tanyon is on the DL? At least on this team, his replacement, 39-year old Buddy Groom, may actually feel young.

And now the Yanks face the pesky Blue Jays, who just beat the Sox in the 9th. It's Pavano and ex-Junkee Lilly in game 1, a pretty even matchup. Game 2 is the one I'm looking forward to, when the Jays send red-hot Gustavo Chacin to the hill. I don't think the Jays have the offense to give the Yanks as much trouble as Baltimore, but I hope they manage nonetheless.

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Gary Cohen Rules !! said...

Yankees are the greatest team that money can buy. It's a shame integrity is not for sale in baseball or the Yankees would have that too.

You know why A-Rod keeps making errors against the Sox? Because he remembers when he played them last year - If a ball is coming toward you, smack it away