Monday, April 18, 2005

Beating AAA-Rays is Meaningless

Maybe it's just me, but doesn't it seem like the D-Rays suck more and more each year? And it seems like they've tried everything. They've tried the washed-up veteran route (Juan Guzman, Greg Vaughn, Vinny Castilla) and that flamed out, they've had an everlasting youth movement (producing Crawford and the injured Baldelli), and then combine that with the crap every other team doesn't want (Julio Lugo, Travis Lee, Chris Singleton, Hideo Nomo). And Rob Bell belongs in AAA. Ditto to Doug Waechter, Hendrickson, Nomo, and whoever else is in that lousy rotation, except for Kazmir. Thank God for the Schmets.

So anyone who thinks this win means the Yanks are back, George's talk worked, etc. is full of garbage. This win don't mean a thing. The Red Sox cruised through that series against Tampa Bay over the weekend; the Rays were so bad, even David Wells was able to shut them down.

And with that in mind, seeing Jaret Wright struggle against the D-Rays was the highlight of the night. If he can't get these stinkers out, he's in for a long, long season.

So before we talk about how the Yanks are back, A-Schmuck is hitting, Tino's heating up, and all that junk, let's see how the Yanks fare in the series to come after this joke, when they face the half-decent Blue Jays and Rangers. Then we'll really know if these Yankees are going anywhere.

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tommyscan said...

Hey fellow Yankee hater,
I Just found your blog, and your masthead statement says it all.

Re: today's blog, I still think everyone's reaction to the Yankees slow start is much ado about nothing. Even after the upcoming series againt Toronto and the Rangers -- it will be too early to consider digging their graves. $200M and 14 (is that right) current and/or former All Stars will add up to 99-100+ wins. It's that simple. Relax and forget about them

Hey, check out my rock tribute to the 2004 Sox, and feel free to blog others about it, cuz I think it's cool