Sunday, April 10, 2005

O's Hit Pavano, Grand Tanyon

If the Yanks have more weekends like this one, it'll be '04 all over again. Solid hitting (except for today's game), but not a lot of pitching, and feasting on bad pitching to win games (especially like on Saturday). Sounds good to me.

For me, the best thing to see was "The Grand Tanyon" Sturtze get lit up. Sure, Yankee fans will say that it wasn't his fault; he came in during an emergency situation. But still, this was good. When Sturtze came in the other day, Michael Kay couldn't contain himself. He was talking about how amazing it was that Sturtze was signed to a minor-league deal last year and turned out to be a great pickup for the Yanks. The way he was talking, you'd think Sturtze was the next Ron Guidry. I'll admit, the guy's been decent, but give me a break, he's not about to become the next Brad Lidge or anything. This is the same dude that once lost 19 games in a season! Maybe he's finally coming back down to earth.

All in all, three bad pitching performances make for a good weekend for this Yankee-hater. As for Boston, I think Wells is shot (and Theo will be shopping for someone in June), and these 9th-inning losses are annoying. The Sox and Yanks both losing 2 out of 3? I guess we'll call this one a wash.

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