Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Let 'Em Lose in April

I must admit I was just a little frustrated after today's game. When you come so close, it hurts to lose. And Derek "Intangibles" Jeter proved why he's worth $18 million once again. I hope he makes sure to keep proving it in April and July (last summer's catch that everyone forgot about due to The Choke), and not October. But in every cloud, I like to see the silver linings:

-- OK, Pavano had a solid first start as a Yankee. Then again, so did Hideki Irabu and Javier Vazquez.

-- Every blown save by Mariano is a treat. I don't know if he's losing it yet, but the day can't come soon enough.

-- Seeing Jason Giambi strike out against Embree. Wait till the first of his few HR for the Yankee fans to hyperventilate and say, "you see, he's back!" But will Mr. April be back when it really counts?

-- Red Sox 6-9 in the batting order: 6-16; Yankees 6-9: 1-14. The Sox have depth. The Yanks don't. The only way they improved the bottom of the order was by dumping Tony Clark, but they didn't replace him with much. Tino is like Mintkiewicz at this point in his career: good D, not much hitting.

-- It's friggin' April! Unless the Sox do like the '88 O's and go 0-21, I'm not gonna worry. The Sox sleptwalk through half the season last year (till they traded Nomar) and still won it all. In the words of Fred Hickman, if the Sox bring home the bacon this year, that's all that matters to me. I don't need no 125 wins.

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