Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Booing Byung-Hyun Rivera

Michael Kay was “flabbergasted” at the Yankees’ fans booing Rivera. Give me a break. What do you think this is, Wrigley Field? Hey Michael, maybe you should cover the Cubs, the “lovable losers.” When your team has the highest payroll in baseball, you don’t cut anyone any slack. As a fan, you deserve better. Especially a Yankee fan, who’s more relieved than happy when his team wins.


Anonymous said...

Funny thing is all my red sox fan friends were saying what a relief it was to have finally won a world series. But it's cute... winning 1 world series in 86 years is just so darned cute and inspiring. Congrats!

Manny Ortiz said...

Hey, it's one thing for winning to be a relief if you haven't won for 86 years. That's justified. Furthermore, it's relief mixed with joy. There wasn't a whole lot of relief Monday in Fenway. That was joy. I haven't see the Yanks be happy to win like that since '96. Not anymore, though. When you win year after year and it's more relief than joy, that's just stupid.