Tuesday, April 19, 2005

RJ vs. No-more: Mismatch of the Year?

A lose-lose for the Yanks tonight. With their ace going against the lost Hideo Nomo, who's in there for the injured Mark Hendrickson, the Yanks have to win this one to preserve their dignity. Hell, this is Tampa Bay's injury replacement they're facing! The offense should feast off Nomo, who's been dreadful since early '04, but if RJ lays an egg like Wright did last night, then perhaps you gotta worry just a little.

----- Heard Charley Steiner doing the LA game today. Did a great job, by the way. When he doesn't have to deal with the pompous ego of John Sterling, he's a very good broadcaster. He did great on Sunday Night Baseball, and is again back to his old form.

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