Sunday, April 17, 2005

Memo to George: Quit Living in the Past!

I'm laughing because George is an old fool. I'm laughing because the whole offseason, I documented how George was trying to recreate the magic of '96-'00 and erase the nightmares of '01-'04. Most of the offseason moves were either bringing back ex-Yankees or getting guys who'd hurt the Junkees in the past. Let's see:

Tino, Sanchez, and Stanton: These guys helped out a ton during the dynasty, so George figures that bringing them back will somehow turn things around, despite the fact that both these guys should have retired two years ago! Tino's hitting .185, and Stanton did a nice job Sunday coming in to a 6-4 game and walking in a run. And Sanchez was the Luis Sojo of 1997, so he comes over, even though the Devil Rays didn't want him!

Womack and Randy: '01 Diamondbacks, beating New York in the World Series. Womack is at .220 and RJ is has a majestic ERA of 4.74.

Jaret Wright: '97 Indians, beating the Junkees in the ALDS. Has gotten lit up so far.

Pavano: '03 Marlins, beating New York in the World Series. Also lousy this year.

This means that nearly one-third of the roster is made up of guys that George got based solely on the past. Hey George, get over it. Forget about trying to hang on to the glory days of yesteryear. Live in the now!

Then again, if it messes up your team, it's good for me, so on second thought, keep doing what you're doing.


Anonymous said...

The Skank-Hoes are in their correct position...the CELLAR! :)

Anonymous said...

I despise the Skank-Hoes forever! Those rich SOB's can live to be in the cellar, where they belong!
Old George is pi$$ed something bad...if I had time I'd feel sorry for him...wait, I don't have time. :P

Manny Ortiz said...

Heck, when you think about it, how many Yankees can you honestly say have their best years ahead of them? Matsui, maybe? A-Schmuck, who looks like he can't handle NY? Pavano, who's spent his career in huge pitcher's parks? This roster, full of names like Giambi, Williams, and Mussina, may have been an excellent team in 2000, but five years later, this is a team past its prime and on the downslide. Sometimes you get the feeling George isn't following baseball too well anymore. That's the feeling I get.

The Yankee Despiser said...

I'm still waiting for him to ask Cecil Fielder and Darryl Strawberry to come out of retirement.