Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Keep it Coming, April-Rod

Another YES Classic, as A-Schmuck puts up 3 homers to beat the Angels. All the papers will probably refer to this as a turning point for A-Rod as a Yankee. "You see, he's starting to get hot!" They'll compare it to Giambi's grand slam back in April '02. But of course, what has Giambi done since?

So A-Schmuck, keep hitting those homers in April till you've got nothing left for October. Let's see some more April games on YES Classics. Cause October hasn't been too great to the Yanks lately. Savor that incredible Giambi homer, savor this moment, and pray that Reggie comes out of retirement.

Another Boston loss, but after last year, it's hard to worry. Many people forget that these guys sleptwalked through most of last season, but still were able to win it all. Only thing is, you can't blame it on Nomar this year.

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Manny Ortiz said...

this whole A-Rod thing reminds me of a different game. Remember back in '92? On September 8, 1992 New York Yankees OF Danny Tartabull goes 5-for-5 and drives in 9 runs as New York defeats Baltimore, 16-4. And he didn't do much after that. So let's not get too excited here.