Monday, November 08, 2004

Yankees Coaching Update

Now it looks as if Mattingly will be back, taking an $80,000 pay cut, and will make $420,000. When George says he's looking to save money, he means it!

And now that Randolph went to the Mets, sources say that Joe Girardi will take over as bench coach. What's with George's sick obsession with ex-Junkees on his coaching staff? Last year he employed Luis Sojo as the third base coach, Roy White at first, and Rich Montleone served as the bullpen coach. Let's not forget Mel Stottlemyre, the pitching coach. Are there any other teams out there that will let you coach only if you played for that team? Yeah, you'll have Mookie Wilson coach the Mets, or Kirk Gibson the Tigers, but every darn coach has to be an ex-Yankee? And there were talks that if Mattingly didn't return, they'd get Chili Davis, you guessed it, another former Junkee.

So if you're a former baseball player and you want to coach for the Yankees... if you never played for them, don't bother applying.

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