Monday, November 01, 2004

Will the Yankees Go To Hell-ton?

Today's NY Post has a Joel Sherman article that says the Yankees might go after Todd Helton, especially if they don't get Beltran. While I don't know much credibility Sherman has on this one, I'd love to see the Yankees get Helton. I'd love to see the stupid Yankee fans get excited, the ones who think Helton will put up Coors Field-esque numbers in the Bronx.

In terms of numbers, the guy is kinda like Shemp Matsui. Matsui had amazing numbers in Japan, and has been pretty good here, but nowhere near the level he was in the Far East.

Here are Helton's numbers for the last 3 seasons in Coors and away:
HOME:.380, 62, 197
ROAD: .310, 33, 125

He's averaged about 10 HR a year on the road. Over a full year for another team, he probably hits 20 HR with an average at around .305-.310. So if you look at his road numbers per year, he's basically a little better than Mark Grace and John Olerud (in his prime): a 1b-man who can hit for average, but not a ton of pop. Good, but nothing special. (And again, don't forget the big market factor. Colorado is not New York. If Helton struggles and buckles under the pressure, the Yanks will be in trouble.)

And of course, he'd be a defensive upgrade over Jason Giambi. Then again, that's true of every first baseman in baseball except Mike Piazza.

Is that worth over $15 million a year? I don't think so. But I think George is fed up with Giambi, and will likely try to get Helton. And that's even if the Yanks get Carlos Beltran, and even if they can't get rid of Giambi.

Problem is, who will Colorado want from New York? Vazquez maybe? Would they take risky Giambi if the Yanks eat a large chunk of the contract?

A possible wild-card here is Carlos Delgado. He's a free agent, and I think he's another guy that George has liked, seeing that he's done well against the Yankees. Plus the fact that he stays seated during "God Bless America" will appeal to the ultra-liberals all over Manhattan. Delgado struggled last year, but should still command a lot of money for the numbers he's put up in the past. But that won't stop George.

By the way, the Yankees payroll will skyrocket this winter. Anyone who thinks they're gonna slash payroll is ridiculous. The Yankees will likely find no takers for huge contracts in Brown, Bernie, Giambi, etc. and being unable to make a trade, will instead spend on free agents like Beltran, Pedro, and others. I think you'll see $250-260 million on the payroll by next spring.

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The Yankee Despiser said...

Michael Kay said that if the Yanks sign Beltran, they might move Bernie to first base.