Saturday, November 06, 2004

Leave, Lieber

So the Yankees declined their $8 million option on Jon Lieber. Now, if Lieber really wants to go back to New York and is willing to go for cheaper, then the Yankees have pulled off a decent move, saving themselves a few million bucks in the process. And Lieber has claimed that his first choice is New York.

But who knows if that's true. Maybe he's really had enough of the Bronx Zoo and George's shennanigans. And if Lieber signs elsewhere, then the Yankees blew this one. They'll have lost their #2 starter, and be left with one sure deal: Mike Mussina. Brown and Vazquez are finished in New York, and you have to wonder how much Old Duque has left in the tank. And even if the Yanks sign Pedro, they'll miss Lieber. I would love to see Lieber go and screw the Yankees. I was thrilled when Pettitte and Clemens got outta there last winter. Especially after they gave a good guy like Pettitte a hard time about his kids wearing Mets caps (part of their little league team's uniform) in the dugout during spring training. He wanted no more of New York.

I would also find it amazing how George can cheap in all the weirdest places. While he'll overpay for guys like Giambi, Posada, and Karsay, he'll cheap out when it comes to his #2 starter. Is Lieber worth $8 million? No way. But these are the Yankees we're talking about, who gave that same number to Jose Contreras, who's far worse. And if there's a chance Lieber will sign elsewhere, the Junkees are taking a gamble. Here's hoping it'll backfire.

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