Thursday, November 11, 2004

Why I Love Hating the Yankees

All of the comments from Junkee fans are the same: You're jealous of our success, we're not breaking any rules, we're good for baseball, you're a loser...

First of all, I don't know if there's anything more satisfying than the Junkees either not making or losing the World Series these past four years. Ah, memories... Luis Gonzalez popping it over Jeter's head in '01, Nick Johnson popping out to end the ALDS in '02, Josh Beckett tagging out Jorge Posada in '03, and Ruben Sierra grounding out to second in '04... But I digress...

The Junkees are the evil empire. Nobody ever said they're breaking any rules, but that doesn't mean they haven't ruined baseball. Because of their spending, 20 out of 30 teams show up to Spring Training knowing that they have no shot of winning. In the '80s, all the teams thought they had a shot. But that was before George got out of control.

So rooting against the Junkees is like rooting for David against Goliath. It's no big deal if Goliath beats David - that's what's supposed to happen. But when David pulls off the upset, how sweet it is! So rooting against the Junkees is rooting against arrogance, buffoonery, and the jerks who ruined baseball for all the small market fans. Come on, isn't it great when something evil just totally collapses?

And I'm not a Red Sox fan. They happen to be playing the Junkees, and the Junkee fans despise Boston, so I had to root for them. If the Orioles fight the Junkees for first place in '05, I'll be rooting my fanny off for Baltimore.

Now what happens if the Junkees return to their early '90s form of losing baseball? Will it still be as satisfying to root against them? I don't know; I'll cross that bridge when I get there, but I'd sure love to find out!


Jere said...

Believe me, it'll never get old. Never stop fighting for justice!

Anonymous said...

But the thing is, you ARE a Red Sox fan and you’re too much of a punk to admit it. What you don’t get is that RSN has as many clichés as you claim Yankee fans have. I lived in Boston and my best friend is a Red Sox fan and I’ve been a Yankee fan my entire life. I’ve heard it all – again and again. It’s hilarious that you’re too stupid to see what a cliché you are.

Beyond that, you can’t even back up your same tired “Yankees are ruining baseball” with any hard stats. Show us some numbers. Is overall revenue in baseball down? How about attendance? How about salaries? Do you even know where to find those stats? Can you even spell research? I saw in a previous post you made a feeble attempt to use the Royals as an example of a team with no hope. You got slammed by the very first anonymous comment. I did not see where you offered any comeback other than “the Yankees are ruining baseball”. That’s the only song you can sing.

In fact, as I look through the archives, I see your posts regarding the Yankees and the state of baseball are almost carbon copies of each other. You can only hit one note.

Your “no hope/no chance of winning thing” cracks me up because it harkens back to a couple of winters ago when Peter Gammons proclaimed the Twins to be such a team as they were being considered for contraction. That very next season the Twins won their division just as they won it this year. You don’t hear Gammons whining that mantra anymore about ANY team. To bad you didn’t get that memo.

On one hand you say that no one else has a shot to win, but on the other you rejoice in the fact that the Yankees haven’t won. Which is it? Either the Yankees win all the time or they don’t.

I also agree with what was said before about you guys needing a life. You spend an awful lot of time following what you hate. The Yankees won 101 games – that’s a lot of frustrating summer nights for you. But, I guess frustration is something you live for.

Anonymous said...

NAME YOUR 20 TEAMS THAT HAVE NO SHOT OF WINNING so we can all see how little you know about baseball!


Anonymous said...

Actually, if you read his profile, he says he’s a Met fan from Brooklyn. But, I could see where the two can be confused since both seem to offer very simple and similar arguments.

But the fact that this loser is a Mets fan and is crying poverty is utterly ridiculous. The Mets have just as much cash to spend as the Yankees but they don’t.

David? You have got to be kidding. The problem with the Mets is not that they don’t have money, it’s that they are complete buffoons when it comes to baseball (rejecting Jose Reyes for Alfonzo Soriano is a prime example). Wilpon just wants to make money, he doesn’t know anything about the game. They actually have a bigger fan base in NYC than the Yankees (only people under the age of 30 think otherwise). What does Met ownership do with the money, stuff all of their profits into their pockets.

If you are a Mets fan, you are a sucker. If you are Mets fan that believes that they are David compared to the Yanks being Goliath, you’re just plain uninformed and not worth the cyberspace this blog occupies.