Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Do It, George! Sign Pedro!

The Red Sox aren't stupid. They know that Pedro is a shell of what a used to be. Which is why I was surprised at first that they offered him a 2-year $25 million contract. Now I know better.

They knew that George would be all over Pedro, so they offered him the loot knowing that he'd turn it down. Now he can go to George and say, hey, they offered that, what can you guys do? So now, George will offer him a 3- or 4-year offer, at $13 million per, and if he doesn't breaking down, he'll be decent, but Jon Lieber will be better wherever he is, and the Junkees could have had him for $8 million. Putzes.

And as Manny pointed out, the bullpen will be overworked because Pedro will never pitch into the seventh inning.

So George, do all of us Yankee despisers a favor and sign him!


Anonymous said...

If you knew half of what you claim to know about the Yankees, you’d know that courting Boston free agents is a typical bluff by Steinbrenner designed to price that player out of reach for Boston or make them spend more than they can afford, compromising them on other acquisitions. If Pedro signs with any other team other than Boston, the Boss wins.

Duh. It only happens every winter.

Manny Ortiz said...

C'mon. You know George wants Pedro bad. More than any other Boston free-agent in recent memory. More than Lowe and Varitek.

I mean, how many of these guys have met with George personally?

And when George wants his way, he gets it. Stick Michael was able to stop him (see The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty), but George has much less respect for Cashman. Think Raul Mondesi in '02. The guy was batting .230 and had a major attitude problem, including a shouting match with Jays' then-skipper Carlos Tosca. And a year later, the Yanks couldn't dump Mondesi fast enough.

And even if George gets Randy, he'll still go for Pedro and Leiter. And the Yanks will be almost as old as the hockey Rangers a few years ago.

The Yankee Despiser said...

Another difference is that there isn't a team out there crazy for Pedro, so the driving-up-the-price strategy will have no effect this time. So I'm not losing any sleep.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first post. This happens all the time between the Yankees and the Red Sox. George will make a bid for any free agent the Sox are pursuing.

In response to Despiser: Obviously you’ve never been to an auction. George doesn’t need anyone else to drive up the price for resigning Pedro. As long as Theo is scared shitless of the sight of Pedro in pinstripes, he will try to match any offer from Seinbrenner.

In response to Manny: Boston has not had any worthwhile free agents recently that would attract George’s attention. Why the hell would he pursue Varitek when he has a better catcher in Posada? And Lowe is a complete joke. Like George would take out the Sox’s trash…LOL

Besides, you can’t front. I can see you quaking in your red sox now. The reason why you are so freaked out about George going after Pedro is because it’s the last thing you’d want, next to the Yankees signing Clemens. It’s the same reason Theo immediately ran down to meet with Pedro. I can see it now: Pedro wins a Cy Young with the Yankees when he wouldn’t even stick around for the rest of the game with the Sox. That would get to you. Really get to you.

Also, why is it that BOTH of you, as authors of this blog, comment on peoples’ comments on your writing. Are you that insecure you have to have the last word on your own site? That’s pretty weak.