Monday, November 22, 2004

Pedro for Four Years? Come On, George!

When Pedro made his infamous "call the Yankees my daddy" speech a while back, he was planting the seeds to become a Junkee in '05. Why? Because they're the only team dumb enough to give him four years guaranteed at a ridiculous amount.

He had the highest ERA of his career this past year, a walk year. You would think that he'd be motivated to do even better than he's ever done to show that he's worth the big bucks. So how do you think he'll perform with a contract that runs through 2008?

He gave up 26 home runs in '04, tying his career high. His 61 walks were his most since 1998. He allowed more hits this past year than ever before.

Now don't get me wrong - a 3.90 ERA in this day and age is darn good. But he's clearly deteriorating, he's a small guy, and he'll be in his mid-30s. Now you'll tell me that Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, and Curt Shilling are all doing great despite being up there in the years. True, but look at their builds.

I ask you, does it get any better than this?

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