Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Duh! Post Says Yanks Can't Shed Payroll

After Brian Cashman's startling revelation, I'm not sure how Yankee fans will cope. This is almost as big a shocker as losing a series after you're up 3-0.

The Post reports, "In candid comments at the general managers' meetings here yesterday, Yankee GM Brian Cashman acknowledged he likely can't cut any payroll this winter.
In fact, as the Bombers attempt to bounce back from the worst playoff collapse in baseball history, Cashman said the payroll will likely increase from the approximately $191 million George Steinbrenner futilely spent last season.
Cashman made it clear that he'll be unlikely to dump any money in unproductive or unpopular players such as Jason Giambi, Kevin Brown, Kenny Lofton or Javier Vazquez."

No team wants to waste its time and money on these guys. Even if the Yanks pay most of the contract, which NL team would want a guy like Giambi? And Brown is finished. We all know that. So is Lofton. Vazquez being unmovable kind of surprises me, but keep in mind the guy pitched in a pitchers' park up in Montreal. So maybe his numbers this year tell you more about him than anything else.

And this basically means the Yankees can only sign free agents. No trades. So wake up, all you dumb Yankee fans in fantasyland. You're not getting Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, or Ben Sheets. Do you really think Billy Beane is stupid enough to take your garbage?

Further in the article, Cashman jumps into BS mode:
""It's more likely going up a little bit than it is going down," Cashman told reporters in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton. "Because we aren't getting any relief of any major free agents involved.
"But again, my preference is to put the best team out there that can win a championship.
"It's unlikely we'll have a drastic change in payroll."

Shut up, buffoon. The Yankees' payroll will skyrocket. Beltran and Pedro give you at least $25 million per. And the Yanks will likely get Nomar or Jeff Kent for second base. That's another $7 mil per year, at least. And expect another free agent pitcher or two from the likes of Russ Ortiz, Eric Milton, and Brad Radke. Add $10-15 million more. And after Quantrill's struggles last year, I think you'll see Troy Percival in pinstripes, or another of the closers on the market. Plus Steve Kline as a lefty from the pen. Another few million there. It all adds up to at least $50 million more.

So Cashman is full of garbage. The Yankee payroll is gonna climb like crazy this winter. And it still won't help.


Anonymous said...

LOL. It’s funny how, even in victory, there will always be some Red Sox jerk-off who will obsess over how much of someone else’s money the NY Yankees are spending.

Let me spell it out for you since you and those like you still, after all these years, just don’t get the obvious. THE YANKS SPEND MONEY BECAUSE THEY HAVE IT TO SPEND.

Get it? Are you sure you get it?

And, in case your New England inbred mind can’t figure out why, there is an even simpler explanation: MORE PEOPLE AROUND THE BASEBALL WORLD CARE ABOUT THE NEW YORK YANKEES THAN THE BOSTON RED SOX. If you doubt it, check out the road attendance for both teams.

But you and I both know that you are crying like a chump about this because you will be losing all of your World Champion talent this winter, and as such, the Sux won’t be repeating. In fact, King George will probably spend some of that extra money on the likes of Pedro and Nomar.

Every year it’s the same thing. Morons like you talk about what the Yankees can and can’t do in terms of trades and suddenly they make a deal for someone like A-Rod. Then you’re crying like b+tches about how unfair it all is.


Manny Ortiz said...

typical, typical, typical.

So the Yankees have money to spend. And therefore what? It still ruins baseball. It still leaves an un-level playing field. I don't care if it's within the rules or not. It's screwing up baseball.

As for the road attendance: I have a piece in the hopper on that one, but basically, if you're a royals fan and the only star you can usually watch is Ken Harvey, of course you'll go see the team that can actually afford to have stars! The Yankees have become a traveling all-star team, which, pathetically, couldn't close out a 3-0 lead in a series.

If there was more equality in baseball, then the yanks road attendance was be normal. In the 80's when even the brewers had yount and molitor and the royals had brett and the orioles ripken and murray, there were stars on almost every team. You didn't have to wait for a $200 million monster to come to watch decent players. Now, with an ever-growing salary disparaty, you don't have much of a choice.

The Yankee Despiser said...

Junkee fan - nobody ever said they were breaking the rules! All we're saying is that if you buy yourself the World Series every year, there's no sense of pride. And the system stinks because you can have the best manager, the best GM, the best ownership, but if your payroll is $40 million, you're not winning the World Series. The Junkees take advantage, spend a ton of money, then make a big deal when they win. Makes no sense to me.