Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bernie Williams: Arrogant Bum

I always thought that Bernie was one of the classier Yankees. Boy was I wrong. The papers are reporting that Bernie has given his blessing to the Junkee front office to go out and sign Carlos Beltran. Hey Bernie, who the heck needs your blessings? The Junkees are paying you $15 million a year (which is about $14 million more than you deserve), so they don't need your approval. If they give you a first-baseman's glove, you take it! You mean to tell me that had you not approved, the Junkees wouldn't pursue Beltran?

I hated when Piazza did the same thing with the Mets about moving to first base. Who gives you a right to dictate to your bosses where you'll play and where you won't play? Bernie, you're lucky that the Junkees are willing to keep you around next season, let alone give a darn what you think about where you'll play. If they hadn't been such boneheads by signing you to this outrageous contract, you'd be a Milwaukee Brewer right now, you arrogant bum.


Manny Ortiz said...

Worst was when Bernie was a free-agent a few years ago and made himself out to be as good as Ken Griffey Jr. (back when he was healthy). Gimme a break!

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