Friday, November 19, 2004

George: Ca$hman's in Charge

George is shrewd - you have to give him that. Now he's saying that Ca$hman is in charge, so any deals have to be done through the Junkee GM. Why the sudden change of attitude? Answer: This way, when Pedro ends up being a bust, George can wash his hands clean of the deal. "Hey, it wasn't me. Brian signed him."

So if Ca$hman's been in charge all along, why would you meet Pedro face-to-face to discuss coming to the Junkees? Face it - if George wants him badly enough, Ca$hman will sign him, even if Ca$hman thinks it's a dopey move. He knows that if Pedro signs elsewhere, George will needle him every time Pedro has a good outing, similar to what George did to Ca$hman in 2000, when the GM nixed a Soriano-for-Edmonds deal. So ultimately, it's up to George, but if Pedro stinks, he can always point a finger at Ca$hman. Clever, eh?

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