Friday, November 12, 2004

Suzyn Waldman in the Radio Booth? PR All the Way!

According to the Daily Snooze, the Junkees are considering having Suzyn Waldman be one of the radio voices in the booth. This reeks of bad PR. They want to show how great they are for having the first woman call a game on the radio.

This is dumb because she stinks. I know you're not allowed to criticize a woman without being called a chauvinist pig, but I don't care. I can't stand her. She has a grating voice, and she doesn't say anything that knocks my socks off. Let's be realistic here - she only got to where she is now because she's a woman, and everyone wanted the PR.

Let me guess - in 2003, Lisa Guerrero got the job as sideline reporter for Monday Night Football because of her extensive knowledge of the game, right? Same thing here, except Waldman is certainly not eye candy - she's old enough to be my grandmother. But that's not the point.

There are more qaulified broadcasters out there, but if George hires Waldman, it'll be to exploit her to make himself look like a great guy. Make no mistake about it; everywhere you turn you'll see or hear, "The first female to broadcast radio games, blah blah blah..."

Just how low can you go, George?


Anonymous said...

I hope they do hire her, just to torture your pathetic, wank of an existence. Instead of watching your own team, you’ll have to listen to John Sterling and her call a game.

Talk about poetic justice. HA HA

suedotsue said...

The boorish, rude, ignorant 3-year Yankee nightmare
of Charley Steiner has to go. If John Sterling does
all the play by play, it will be fine. Suzyn's insights on her pre- and post-game segments have always
been great.

Anonymous said...

Michael Kay is the one who has to go. He has become a Yankee basher. He exhults the other team's plays way too much and drones on and on about Yankee problems. Enough already - we know. We know. Let's not dwell on it. I watch/listen to games to get away from my problems, not to feel overwhelmingly worse.

Suzyn has extra insights into players and plays that most guys don't notice. I am always surprised at things she asks and sometimes annoyed, but then I learn from the answers. She gets more than the standard answers from players and coaches because she ask those weird questions.

pastymorant said...

suzyn still sucks - skills?, yes - 'listenable'? no - OUTTA here