Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Sayonara to Steiner?

Hey Despiser, I don't know if Charley Steiner will be talking about Jeter's Gold Glove for much longer. The man who once said he had the perfect face for radio has yet to have his contract renewed as color commentary guy on al-Yankzeera radio, and word is the fans have had enough. Is Steiner's tenure finished?

It's funny. I always liked Steiner when he was doing the Sunday Night Baseball games on ESPN-radio. He had a real passion for the game, and was engaging and fun to listen to. There was pretty good chemistry between him and Dave Campbell. So when the Yankees got him, I thought it was a pretty solid move on their part. Instead of getting some washed-up ex-Yankee for PR purposes, (hey, let's listen to Joe Girardi!), they got a professional.

But Steiner's professionalism ended the day he walked into the Yanks' radio booth. It seemed like Steiner was trying to compete with his compadre John Sterling in trying to be as pro-Yankee as possible. Steiner never developed the awful trademark lines that Sterling has ("Theeee Yankees Win!" "Bern Baby Bern!"), but he sure wanted to.

And it seems like Steiner failed. All his kissing up hasn't led George to renew his contract, and the fans didn't draw to Steiner. Maybe he wasn't as pro-Yankee as his annoying, whiney predescessor Michael Kay. But you gotta give him the A for effort.

And after selling out so dramatically, I don't see Steiner getting a job anywhere else. His reputation as a professional guy is gone. He can't pull off the shtick like Sterling, so he really has no appeal anymore. What a loser.

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