Friday, November 05, 2004

The Return of Soriano?

Now the Old York Times is reporting that Texas is considering trading Soriano back to the Junkees for Javy Vazquez. I sure hope Texas isn't that stupid. Granted, Soriano is due $8 million in '05, but the guy is worth it. He's a fantastic slugger. The Junkees want Vazquez out so badly, they'll take a bag of tee shirts in exchange. And I bet Texas could get back a much better player than Vazquez in return.

Then again, Soriano had such a dreadful 2003 postseason that who knows - maybe he can no longer handle playing in New York, especially in October. He can be an easy strikeout, so if he comes back, the Red Sox may be glad to see him. But I don't want him in the Bronx. He's too darn good.

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