Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yankee Fans Can't Get Too Excited

So, another laugher of a game. Yanks killing the Rays, just like old times.

But there was a game like this in June, where the Yanks won 20-11. After that? They lost two straight to the Rays, including Hendrickson beating Wang. So have the Yanks figured out the Rays yet? We'll find out.


allitalian said...

I was looking forward to actual responses there for a second... not fucking spammers on blogger now... whatever - keep up the good work guys

PizzaBagel said...

Can we assume that thuh Captain had a team meeting prior to last night's game, because the NY media has been all over this "The Devil Rays have the Yankees' number this season" story? Hopefully, whatever got them all charged up yesterday was just a fluke, and Tampa Bay will take the next two games.

But my greatest fear this season is for the Stinkees to somehow make the post-season. First of all, once a team is in the playoffs anything can happen. Even a seven-game series is short, and season matchups and other stats are misleading to some extent. As I said, anything can happen, even a supposedly weaker team knocking off a clearly superior one.

Secondly, if the Bummers get into October, their obnoxious fans will be crowing about how they overcame this adversity and that obstacle. We can then expect 2005 to go down with the rest of the legendary mythology associated with them. (Hmmm ... what about the 2004 chapter of that tome? It seems to be conspicuously absent!)