Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Baltimore Comes Alive!

How about that, 17 runs against Yankee pitching? Never thought I'd see the O's do that without Roberts, the other Juice Man, and Sammy Sosa. (Although the way Sosa was this year, they probably wouldn't have scored all those runs with his bat in there.) Too bad it had to happen on a night where the Sox and Indians lost. Guess they can't win 'em all.

A few things to ponder, after tonight:

- How will Moose fare against the Sox, in a lineup not littered with the Newhans and Bernie Castros of the world? Will he step it up when it really counts? Or will he be even worse than tonight?

- Now that the O's are alive, will they do anything in the last two games of the series? Or will they just revert to old ways, and get clobbered once again?

- The Yanks and Red Sox have no middle relief. Nothing. The Yanks have Rivera and Gordon, and nothing else. The Sox have Timlin and Papelbon, and nothing else. This weekend's series just might come down to which team's starters can stay in the game the longest.

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phil said...

Does anyone keep track of how many 17-run games a team has given up in a season? The Red Sox put up a couple of those numbers against the Yankees earlier this year, and now the Orioles have done it too. Maybe it's a record?