Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Small is Small Again

I know, I'm the one who cringes at every New York Post-style cheesy baseball headline. So why I am putting up such a groan-worthy pun as a title? Well, after seeing "Small Wonder," "Small Comes Up Big," and every other nauseating line out there, I think it's nice to see one with a negative connotation towards the guy.

After a bad outing last time, Small was hit hard again last night. Seemed like the O's had 2 runners on in almost every inning. But like the Junkees early in the year, Baltimore could not get that big hit when they needed to. And with the game's close outcome, that's definitely what cost them in the end. Small pitched 5 decent innings, but with a Leiter-esque 102 pitches.

Amazingly, the Junkees' pen nearly blew the game after that. Heck, the one good thing about that is that Gordon and Rivera are gonna be exhausted by the end of the year. Where have I seen this before?

If the Junkees ruin my October and make it to the postseason, they'll have to get 7-8 innings from every starter to get anywhere. Embree makes Felix Heredia look good. Sturtze is exhausted, and Proctor can't do much. So much for $200 million.

So, do Yankee fans still want Aaron Small in there in a big game? Or Chacon, against a lineup with more than just Wells and Hillenbrand? Looks like AL batters might finally have their number.

--- Watched White Sox-Indians last night, and what a thriller it was. Too bad the Tribe lost. I love how Harrelson refers to the White Sox as "we" and "the good guys." John Sterling ought to start doing that. I don't care if it's unprofessional. "The Giambino" and "Theeeee Yankees Win!" are also unprofessional. Besides, what better way to kiss King George's fanny than, "after 7, good guys up by 2"?


Steve Kenul said...

Check out baseballtodayfortomorrow, just started my blog yesterday. You got some good stuff going on. Keep up the good work.

PizzaBagel said...

Don't get me started on Sterling, aka Pa Pinstripe, as Bob Raissman calls him. (Ma Pinstripe is, of course, his partner in Yankee-centric drivel, Suzyn Waldman.) I can't stomach the guy, from first pitch to final out. The whole Yankee radio broadcast is one big Bomber love-fest and sponsor-thon. (Coming to you from the Lowe's broadcast booth - Lowe's - Improving home improvement; The vital signs brought to you by Amino-Vital, the official amino acid sports supplement drink of the New York Yankees; The power report brought to you by Entergy Power; This drive around the majors brought to you by Jeep Grand Cherokee; etc., ad nauseam. And I almost forgot: Hideki Matsui even has his own personal sponsor, Benihana Restaurants. For cryin' out loud!)

Michael Leggett said...

& this Giambi Home Run is brought to you by BALCO

Michael Leggett said...

The Letter "A" is brought to you by "Hooked on Phonics" a proud Sponsor of The NY Yankees Radio Network. The Golden Quality of my Voice is brought to you by "Bose Radio."

It gets dumber & dumber, as the season progresses.