Friday, September 09, 2005

Lawton and Bellhorn: Useless

Chalk up another two for Brian Ca$hman. His new acquisitions are batting a combined .103, with Lawton at 3 for 28, and Bellhorn at 1 for 11. The Junkees thought they were smarter than everyone else, which is what they always think. Their recent dive in the standings is largely thanks to the two clowns they picked up.

I was actually a little nervous about Lawton, because he's always been a decent hitter. Never great, but good enough, and certainly better than Tony Womack (who isn't this year?). I even considered it a this-is-it moment, meaning that this move would push them over the top.

Bellhorn, on the other hand, was a win-win pickup, kind of like Leiter, Small, and Chacon. Because there are no expectations, if they do great then Ca$hman is a genius, and if they're lousy, we didn't think they'd do anything anyway, so the buffoon is safe. For some reason, though, we don't hear about Tim Redding or Darrell May, or Buddy Groom, or Melky Cabrera.... Or even Robinson Cano and his .307 on base percentage. Or the biggest bust of all, Randy Johnson. Should have kept Pettitte....


PizzaBagel said...

Yeah, I was afraid that when these guys stepped onto the "hallowed ground" at thuh Stadium in their Yankee uniforms, they'd immediately be washed over in the team's much-overhyped aura and mystique, and step up their respective games a couple of notches. Glad to see that my fears - so far - have been unfounded.

I hope that sometime on the afternoon of October 2nd - even better yet, several days before - we'll be able to bellow to the Bummers and their arrogant fans: "Very good. You know what? No post-season for you!"

Manny Ortiz said...

Another Ca$hman special, The Grand Tanyon Sturtze, has a 5.09 ERA since the all-star break.

mouse said...

Ouch. That's an ugly number for Sturtze. I knew this was going to happen too--I saw it coming. Sturtze is the new Quantrill. Perfect.

I was kinda nervous about the Lawton pickup, because I thought the Cubs liked the guy. But watching him play in the OF has been nothing short of comical. He's terrible out there, and he can't hit either. Bellhorn...well, I already knew what they were getting there.

The Big Series starts tonight. It'll be entertaining, if nothing else.