Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gotta Love Those Rays

Once again, this was one of those nights where I thought the normal order of the universe had been restored. Eduardo Perez didn't hit any dingers off Randy, and when RJ got out of the jam unscathed in the 6th, that 'ol dreaded "here we go again" came to mind.

But enter the 7th, and things changed. Johnson gave up a couple of hits, and Flush Gordon gave up a sac fly to tie things up.

When the Junkees put a couple of runners on against Orvell in the 8th, I thought they were gonna win it. But Bernie hit into a DP, so we could all relax.

And between the hits off Mo and the Cano error, the 9th was sweet. I'm offically a D-Rays fan. Time for me to get my cap and my Jonny Gomes jersey. Nah, I've gotta go with Jorge Cantu.

-- It was a sweet night overall, with Boston winning on a Big Papi walk-off shot and Cleveland winning as well. And as I write this, the A's are winning.

The only bummer is, since I said I was rooting for the Mets in the wild-card race, they've gone 1-6. Awful. Well, there's always the Astros. And the potential sight of Clemens and Pettitte playing October ball while their ex-teammates play golf. That would be sweet.


alex said...

When the Yanks make the postseason, Torre should get manager of the year.

Anonymous said...

Manager of the year my ass. Is that the best he can do with a $200 million+ payroll—barely winning the wildcard?? Ozzie of the White Sox is a shoo-in for MOTY.