Monday, September 12, 2005

Trop Time Coming Up!

A tough weekend for Junkee-haters, as the Yanks won two out of three. Randy finally decided to show up, and the Juice Man's homer made all the difference yesterday. But I can't complain. At least it's a 3-game spread, rather than just 1. Those two games make a big difference. And Saturday's game was sweet.

It's amazin to me how the Rays can do so well against the Junkees, and the Sox can't quite match up. Maybe they should get Waechter and Hendrickson in the rotation, and get Wells out of there. Put Cantu at second base, Jonny Gomes in the outfield, and Carl Crawford instead of Manny. And just for Randy Johnson, get Eduardo Perez. Then again, if they had that team, the Red Sox probably wouldn't be in first. Go figure.

But my favorite series of the year comes to a close over the next three games. The Yanks and Rays go for 3 more, and then the Junkees play the O's and Jays for about two weeks straight. Spoilers, anyone?

But as long as the Indians keep on winning, things are in good shape. They play the A's next, which won't be an easy matchup. They have 10 games remaining against the Royals and Rays, though, which definitely works in their favor. The 6 against the White Sox might be tough, but Chicago has slowed down quite a bit over the second half. They're 30-26 since the All-Star break, and their once-huge AL Central lead is down to 5 and 1/2 games. As Jon Miller pointed out last night, by the time the Indians-White Sox series comes around, it may be a battle for the division title.

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