Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Still Not There

I know it's an annoying cliche, the kind you used to hear from Fred Hickman when he did the pre-game shows on YES, but this is how I feel - you have to take it a day at a time. Right now, on September 15th, the Junkees are still not in the playoffs. I know, they've been hot, they've got the players who can turn it up (a $208 million payroll will do that for you - how much the Red Sox could do with another $60 million or so), and I'll be very pissed if they make it, but the bottom line is that right now, they're out of it. The Sox won, the Indians won, so the Junkees are not there yet.

I can't fret too much about Thursday, although a Yankee win and a Red Sox loss will tighten the gap. The Indians are off, so even a Bummer win will leave them in second place. Fine with me. I'm just going to enjoy each day.

And you know I never count them out. I know that if they sneak into the postseason, they can win it all. If that leads to a salary cap, I'll sign up for it right now, because without the big money advantage, they have no hope of ever winning anything, the way the buffoons run the team.

But I've said enough about the need for a salary cap, so in order to not be a one-trick pony, I'll shut up and enjoy the moment:

Red Sox -
Yankees 2.5

Indians -
Yankees 1


alex said...

the red sox payroll is ridiculously high when you consider that some of their star players are getting far below market-value. david ortiz making 5 million? bargain doesnt even begin to describe that.

and damon is going to have one hell of an offseason. just keeping him is going to increase payroll a good amoutn

Manny Ortiz said...

And how much are the Yanks paying Aaron (7-0) Small? And Wang? And Cano? About as much as Kevin Brown & Bernie Williams, right?

And if the Yanks don't make the postseason, George will splurge. Heck, if they don't win it all, George will still go all out. And if he gets some more Womacks and Pavanos next winter, I'm all for it.