Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Small and Chacon Do It Again

I don't care about how nice the "feel-good" stories are about these guys. I don't care if Small was in 15 million organizations till now. I don't care about the fact that Chacon suffered through all those years in Coors Field. Right now, I can't stand these two guys.

In a way, I hate them more than A-Rod or Sheff. While A-Rod might be an arrogant jerk, the guy is still one of the best players in the game. So you expect the guy to do very well, though you always hope he has an off-year like last year.

But Chacon and Small? These guys are supposed to stink! They're supposed to give up 6 runs a game! Small is supposed to be a downgrade, not an upgrade from Mussina! What the heck is going on!?

I guess the only thing more irritating than an arrogant Yankee is an overacheiving Yankee.

-- After Friday night, I thought the A's had the series locked up. But it seems like the A's aren't the shoo-in they were just a few weeks ago. The injuries are starting to catch up to this team, as is the less-than-impressive offense. When it comes down to it, the offense is still about Eric Chavez and a few decent others. As in years past, the A's chances will hinge upon dominant starting pitching.

-- I don't know about you, but I'm dreading the Schilling game vs. the Junkees coming this Saturday. I've kinda given up on Schilling doing anything this year; though it would be something if the guy could step it up once again come October.


mouse said...

Disappointing end to what started as a great series for the A's. But Chacon was rocked by Seattle, proving he's mortal, and you gotta think that Small is going to come back down to earth someday. I'll bet the Yanks sign him to a long term deal and then he'll really stink up the joint next year.

I've already prepared for the Schilling/Yankee game to be a blowout. [Sigh]

(And I'm begging the man to make me eat a big ol' pile of crow. Please, Schill--make me eat crow!)

phil said...

Derek! Jeter! grounds into a game-ending doubleplay. [WCBS] There's something you don't see everyday. [/WCBS]