Sunday, September 18, 2005

Embree Helps Weekend End on a Good Note

So, the Yankees finally lost. I was just waiting for the day, tired of praying for the Sox and Tribe to keep winning and maintaining their leads.

Wright's injury might have been a good thing for the Junkees today, considering he had nothing. If he would've stayed in the game any longer, things might have really gotten out of hand. Leiter and Sturtze ended up doing a decent job filling in.

For the first few innings, the Yankees looked like the bumbling buffoons we saw in April. A baserunning mistake here, a wild pitch there, and not being able to string anything together against Lilly. So early on, it seemed like an easy win for the Jays. The Junkees made 'em sweat in the 9th, putting the tying run on board for Derek Jeter. But DJ wasn't quite as clutch as he was against the Rays, whiffing to help the Jays salvage one in the series.

The big difference-maker? Embree giving up the insurance run to the Jays in the 8th. That silly PR move is coming back to bite the Yanks, and I think that's great.

With Boston getting whipped today (gotta start worrying about Clement), the AL East lead stays at 1.5. But the biggest difference is the wild-card lead. At 1.5, the Junkees still have a shot to win it, but at least there's now some breathing room for the Tribe. And with the Junkees playing four against the hapless O's, the Indians sure could use that extra game.

-- It's gonna be real interesting to see what happens in that AL Central. I hope Chicago wins some more games, because if they keep stinking it up, the Tribe will take over the Central lead and the White Sox will be left fighting the Junkees for the wild card. And I would take the Junkees in that battle. So the White Sox have to do well the rest of the way, but not too well. Especially with 6 left against Cleveland.

But if it all ended tomorrow, we'd have ourselves a Yankee-free October. Let's hope it stays that way.


mouse said...

Interesting article in the Daily News about Captain Intangibles. You should check it out.

(Hopefully that shows up...)

I still think Embree is an embedded Red Sox. And really, if not for the Jays' sheer incompetence when facing anyone wearing pinstrips, they could've swept the Yankees. All three of their games this weekend were decided by one run. Terrible job, Blue Jays.

Let's hope the clumsy ballplaying the Yankees showed yesterday carries over into this series with Baltimore.

Michael Leggett said...

A # of Games were DONATED to DF YANKees, via the last minute error route.

Other than that, DFYankees are Mediocre.

Wondering when MLB will ever catch onto The GiamBALCO's "Vitamin Regimen"?