Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Well, Now They're There, Dammit!!

Thank God for football. Otherwise, I don't know what I'd do. Both Sox teams seem to be having a "who can choke faster?" race, and the Red Sox have officially pulled ahead. There are still 10 days to go in the season, and anything can happen. But I sure as hell didn't want THIS to happen. Awful.

Gotta give the Junkees and their $200 million payroll some credit. They always find a way to win. If their pitching gets rocked, they'll just put up 12 runs. And if the hitting is shot, the pitching is stepping it up.

But I don't want to hear about how the Junkees are incredible for coming back from the abyss, for their remarkable turnaround, and what a great job Snorre and Ca$hman did. $200 million teams are supposed to lead the division. (Unless the Yanks go 162-0, they don't impress me.) Especially with top-caliber years from Jeter, A-Rod, Matsui, Rivera, and the Juice Man. Sheff contributed, and lately, RJ has had some very good outings, like tonight.

Especially the Juice Man. The turning point to the Yankees' season was when the Juice Man returned to old form, in more ways than one. He had quite a few big home runs, and added a lot to the Yankees lineup. If the Juice Man stays healthy and (more importantly) juiced, perhaps the '05 Yankees are a better bunch than the '04 version of the team, which featured Tony Clark at first. Bringing up Cano was a good move, and Wang also contributed, but the Junkees' turnaround was all about Juice.

And don't tell me about all the injuries. Yes, a $200 million team can afford to take a few hits, like this team did. Heck, they can take a lot more hits than most other teams out there.

Anyway, a lot can happen in ten days. There's still hope for a Yankee-free October. But with 5 more games against the pathetic O's and 3 against the hapless Jays, the hope looks rather dim.

Did I mention, thank God for football?


J.M said...
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J.M said...

Hey good blog I'm a sox fan they still might make the playoffs if the White Sox continue to choke but make no mistake about it the division even though just a half game back is loooooooooooong gone.

grunherz said...

I remember October 16, 2004.

And so do any Yankee fans with even a modicum of respect for history.

Unfortunately Yankee fans with any manner of respect are few and far between.

Manny Ortiz said...

hey, maybe it can happen again....

Steve Cash said...

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