Friday, September 16, 2005

Small Gets Rocked

Like I said before, the Junkees are still out of it, and even though that could end by Friday, enjoy it while it lasts.

That said, Aaron Small stunk up the joint on Thursday. He allowed five earned in six and two-thirds innings. Now I know the Junkee fans were getting horny about the guy's eighth win, but come on. Had they not been facing AAA pitching, and the Junkees lose 5-0, nobody's getting too excited. But they beat up on a guy who came in with an ERA over 6.00, so what do you expect? Now I know that Small's been pretty good overall, so for that, it's fair to get horny (although Snorre yanked him from the rotation at one point!), but be a little fair.

- I know the Red Sox have scuffled, and they better hang on to win, because you know that if they blow it, you'll hear about 1978 all over again.

- Things could still turn around because Toronto is somewhat decent, but at times they've also looked like a AAA team.

- In the series, it's RJ, Chacon, and Wright. So I'll sign up right now for two of three. Then again, you're likely to see a few 11-9 contests. Yankee haters, pray hard!


PizzaBagel said...

Randy Johnson got tossed in the second inning - he wasn't all that sharp anyway tonight - and Doctor Proctor is coming in from the bullpen. Hold on to your hats, kids!

alex said...

guess that tampa series wasnt as fun as you thought it would be. and how bout robby cano? 3 HR and 10 RBI in the last 2 games

mouse said...

Wow. The Yankee bullpen came dangerously close to blowing an eight run lead...damn Blue Jays. Couldn't you have at least tied it and then blown it in extra innings instead? Sheesh...

Good news for the Big Jerk that the Yankees held on to win. If they'd lost, the media would've crucified him for getting himself ejected like that.

(P.S. David Wells got a six-game suspension for cussing at an umpire that way. Who wants to bet that RJ doesn't even get a fine?)

alex said...

wells got the ejection for bumping the umpire.

PizzaBagel said...

Yet another heartbreaker today. But at least Boston and Cleveland took each of their games. After tomorrow's wrap-up to the Toronto series, the Stinkees head back to thuh Stadium for four games against the Orioles. I don't expect too much - if any - help from them. The Red Sox play three in Tampa Bay, and the Indians have three in Chicago. I picture somehow that the Bummers squeak into the post-season. D*mn them!

Michael Leggett said...

The trouble is, MLB decided that by putting The Red Sox, on an unprecedented 30 Games without a day off, Baseball's Course has been altered for TV Ratings & Big Bucks.

MLB must want a WS with A Suspected Roid Boy, who looked like he was @ Death's Door, in May, then looked like "The Incredible Hulk", since July.

I guess some people, who play on a certain team, are exempt from the rules, when it comes to BIG MONEY.