Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tribe Back on Top

Last night's game was one of those that just leaves an awful taste in your mouth. Tampa Bay was leading, 4-3, and you figure, okay, the Junkees will lose another one to the Rays. Then the Juice Boy comes up, and it's another Yankees classic. And on a night where the Sox and the Indians win, the Yanks come out unscathed.

So tonight's game was a lot better. Wang was not in top form, and Proctor and Franklin (no law firm lines, please) gave the Rays all the runs they needed. So the Junkees come into the weekend series against Boston a half-game behind the Indians in the wild card. Nice.

It's a big weekend on both fronts. While the Yanks play division rival Boston, the Indians have a tough opponent in the Twins. As I said before, I don't have much faith in Schilling, but hopefully the Sox can pull out the other two games.

Friday night is Wells vs. Small. After Opening Night, Wells has done nicely against the Junkees. And I think the Sox offense might be the one to finally send Small back down to earth.

As for Saturday, much as I dread Schilling being out there, I like the Sox' chances against Chacon.

And Sunday might be the best pitching matchup of the series, Wakefield vs. Johnson. Aaron Boone aside, Wakefield is usually very good against the Yanks. Question is, though, which Randy Johnson will show up?

And the biggest X-factor of them all: can the Sox play as well outside of Fenway?

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