Monday, June 20, 2005

Yankee Hot Streak May Not Be All That Bad

The Cubs and Pirates are not great teams, but these guys aren't the A's and M's. Beating up on Oliver Perez and Carlos Zambrano is no small feat. But let's see if the Yanks can do any better against their division rivals over the next few weeks. Let's see if RJ can dominate against some AL clubs, and whether Shemp has turned into the new Bernie Williams: three weeks cold, one week hot.

But even if this streak lasts, some good may come out of it. If the Yanks are in the hunt come July, they'll be looking for help. No matter how well they do till the trading deadline, you can be damn sure even the new George will want some trades to be made. And that means one thing: fewer youngsters, more aging veterans, and a bleaker long-term situation for this team. And all those Junkee fans going crazy about Wang and Cano can kiss them goodbye.

Even if the Junkees made some trades, I wouldn't worry about them getting better. The last mid-season deal to help the Junkees was David Justice in '00. (No, I don't count Aaron Boone in '03 for two reasons: a) if not for Grady Little, the guy's a nobody. b) he disappeared in the World Series). So even if they make a deal, there's no guarantee that it will get them anywhere.

So maybe a Yankee hot streak now isn't such a bad thing. Especially if they follow it up with a collapse in August or September.

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