Monday, June 27, 2005

Lousy Ending to a Great Weekend

I've said it before, I'll say it a hundred times: the Mets are going nowhere till they fix that bullpen. Looper isn't much better than Jose Mesa. Beinfest and the guys down in Florida knew what they were doing when they made Urbina the closer in '03 instead of this guy. They sure wouldn't have won it all with Looper closing games out. And Heilman didn't help the cause much either, while Hernandez narrowly escaped another blowup like last time.

That said, the weekend till that 8th inning was great. The Yankee defense is worse than I've ever seen it. Aside from Jeter, Posada, and maybe Cano, everyone out there now is terrible. Shemp can't come back soon enough. Maybe if he took some days off, he could come back sooner. Bernie is awful. Womack is like Chuck Knoblauch in the outfield. Sheff's range is shot, A-Rod can't play third, and Giambi showed again last night that even Mike Piazza is better at first. Meanwhile, Tino's turned into Doug Mintkiewicz - all-field, no-hit. And this kid Reese is the latest sign of panic by the Junkees. To me, he's more Andy Phillips than Robby Cano.

And even though RJ pitched well last night, the health concerns are starting to arise. I knew this 42-year old would break down sooner or later. How many more times can he gut out a start like last night? We'll find out.

As for tonight, the Yanks go back to Baltimore. With a struggling Carl Pavano going up against a great-hitting club, the conventional wisdom is in favor of the Orioles, which is never a good thing. After disappointing series against the Jays and Braves, the O's might be starting to crash. Then again, everyone thought the same thing when they got swept by Detroit a few weeks back.

And even if the O's do go down, the Sox are kicking butt again, with Curt Schilling now the most forgotten man in Boston.

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