Thursday, June 16, 2005

Tony No-Mack Latest Selfish Junkee

Seems to me that Tony Womack is turning into the 2005 version of Kenny Lofton. A signing by the Junkees that looked stupid from day one, a veteran that doesn't have much left, and a guy who turns out to be a real pain in the clubhouse. Not to mention they both lead the league in steals many years ago.

Key word there, "many." Who the hell is Tony Womack to complain? If A-Rod started griping about 3rd base (I sure wouldn't put it past him), it wouldn't be right, but perhaps (and I know I wouldn't) one can make the case that a star player deserves some respect. But who is Womack to say anything about where he plays? The guy's in a 4 for 40 slump and barely gets on base. This is the same guy who was getting cut left and right in '03. And he's complaining about where he wants to play? He should be glad the Junkees were dumb enough to sign him instead of Miggy Cairo!

Seems like this pattern doesn't end. Jason Giambaby didn't want to go to AAA and fix his swing. Randy Johnson complained about the number of days between starts, even while Wang was pitching better than he was. And Shemp Matsui refused to sit, even though he was mired in a long, long slump. No wonder these selfish Crankees are where they are in the standings.

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