Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Back to Old Struggles for Junkees?

Sometimes, I just love being wrong. I thought the Yanks would score 10 runs in this one. They ended up with just one, unable to score against D.J. Carrasco. RJ gave up another long HR, this time to Emil Brown (no, I've never heard of him either) and still has yet to be the dominator everyone expected. And suddenly, the Royals, a team that's been compared to the '62 Mets, are on the verge of sweeping the series from the Junkees, who perhaps can again be compared to their 1965 counterparts.

Maybe the Yanks win tomorrow night and then start showing up against Minny. But if they have trouble with the AL's worst club, can you really expect them to do well against one of the AL's better teams? Then against the Brew Crew, with a surprisingly good pitching staff thus far? Against St. Louis, the NL's top club?

Over the past four games, the Yanks have looked like that $200 million laughingstock we saw in April. Can't get a hit in the clutch. The occasional baserunning mistake. E-Rod looking like Pat Kelly out there at 3rd base. Tony Womack reverting to pre-'04 form. And bad starting pitching. This series has been all too reminiscent of that 4-game set against Tampa Bay.

Hey, maybe May was more of a fluke than April. Let's see where these Yankees go in June.

-- Hard to know who to root for in the excellent Baltimore-Boston series, but seeing Wade Miller and Sidney Ponson both have great starts against good-hitting teams is encouraging.

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