Thursday, June 02, 2005

Best Feeling Since Last Year's Choke

Now, I don't know if anything will ever beat the Junkees' choke last October. But you gotta admit this series came close.

The Royals couldn't beat anyone this year. Heck, they hadn't swept anyone since August '03. They hadn't swept the Yankees at home since 1990, in the glory days of Tim Leary and Jesse Barfield. But after 3 games of the $40 million Royals taking on the $200 million Yankees, the Royals have pulled off the improbable.

In one sense, this series sweep beats the choke because Boston had a competitive team. To get beaten four in a row by guys like Schilling, Pedro, Manny, Ortiz, Damon, and the rest is somewhat forgiveable. After all, the Red Sox are full of solid major league-caliber players. But when you go up against a team like the Royals, one of the worst teams in recent memory, and can't pull a win out? When you're facing guys like the the mighty Ruben Gotay, Shane Costa, Terrence Long, Zack "0-6" Grienke, Ryan Jensen, etc.? To lose three straight to such a team is nothing short of pathetic.

They may not be 11-19 this time, like after the Tampa series, but the Yankees have once again hit rock bottom.


Miss_Vicki said...

I, for one, fuckin love it!!!


PizzaBagel said...

A sweep ... sweet!!!!