Monday, June 06, 2005

Hunter Helps Junkees' Slump Continue

All he did was get beaned. But Torii Hunter probably won this game for the Twins, just by getting into Brown's head. Heck, even he's been saying the beaning he received from Brown was likely unintentional. But he knew Brown has a quick temper, and took full advantage. And once Brown got riled up, he was shot. I think Hunter knew what he was doing when he started jawing at Brown. It was a brilliant tactical move that paid off big.

Things looked bleak an inning before. When Brent Abernathy battled for 11 pitches during his at-bat, only to end up striking out, I thought, "here we go again. The Junkee fans will get so excited about Brown." And in the end, all went the Twins' way, with Sturtze, Groom, and Quantrill helping to put it out of reach. And now Junkee fans are worried about old man Tom Gordon's health. What a shocker that was. And with both the O's (without Brian Roberts) and Red Sox (in an '04 ALDS rematch) winning 2 of 3, it was quite a weekend for Yankee-haters.

-- After dropping two of three to Minny, the Yankees have only won 3 series against teams with records above .500: the opening series against Boston, the two-game sweep of the Jays, and the Schmets series. For those Junkee fans who still think this October's a lock, even if they make it, it sure won't be pretty.

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