Thursday, June 02, 2005

More Stats Prove Yankees Struggles

Shemp Matsui is hitting .261 with 4 home runs. So he's on pace to hit 12 for the year, and more telling are his on-base percentage of .320 and slugging average of .399. I'm sorry, but those are lousy numbers. For a catcher, they're decent, but for an outfielder? And I don't want to hear about his pace for 112 RBI. That's just luck. All told, he's tied for 61st in the AL in OPS. To put things in perspective, he's tied with the mighty Scott Hatteberg, and is behind such greats as Jeremy Reed and Jorge Cantu.

Tony Womack, to be fair, is even worse. He's 88th in the AL with a .603 OPS, thanks mostly to his slugging average of .297. Hey, Cashman, great move getting rid of Cairo, who's hitting .295 by the way.

Jason Giambi is still at .234, with no sign that he will ever get back to mediocrity.

And for all the talk of Bernie Williams heating up, he's still slugging only .378. Maybe benching him was the smartest thing Snorre has ever done.

Robinson Cano is a poor man's Jose Reyes, with his .272 on-base percentage.

On to the pitchers. We start off with RJ, who's give up ten home runs so far. He's on pace to serve up 31 when all is said and done, and as for John Kruk's prediction that he'll win 30 games this year, how's that working out?

Mike Mussina's given up 78 hits in 67 innings. Worth $20 million? What do you think?

Carl Pavano's been even more impressive, with 84 hits allowed in 64 innings. Are you sure you'd rather have Pavano than Clement?

As for ERAs, Quantrill = 6.53. Groom = 6.59. Stanton = 7.36.

And I know Junkee fans are excited about Wang, but one stat that sticks out for me is this: He has 14 strikeouts in 37.2 innings. That's a lousy ratio. That means that most of the balls are getting put into play, which leads to good things for the other team: errors, misplays, runners moving over, and grounders finding holes. So it's only a matter of time before he stinks up the joint.

Come to think of it, it's amazing that the Junkees are two games above .500!

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Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you, I am a Yankee fan but I could not agree with you more!!!