Sunday, June 05, 2005

Three K's in Two Games for Yankee Starters

Yankee fans are all excited that Wang pitched a decent game on Saturday, but I'm sorry, one strikeout in seven innings is not going to get it done most of the time, especially when you're going to have Bernie in the outfield (which is why the Junkees probably put in Womack, Matsui, and Sheffield). Now admittedly, because he doesn't strikeout a lot of guys, he doesn't give up many homeruns, the Jones three-run shot notwithstanding. I bet that's also why Flaherty was in there, to curb the running game.

Mussina on Friday night struck out two in six innings, but he looks done to me. Washed up. This is what Mussina has done since becoming a Yankee - okay, maybe he was decent in '01, but since then - he throws soem lousy ballgames, then pitches a gem or two to make people think he hasn't totally lost it, and then goes back to being subpar. I don't know if I want a guy like that in my rotation. Sure, he was brilliant against the mighty Oakland Z's and the Tigers, but against the Red Sox? Bad. Twins? Bad. Seattle? Bad. Angels? Bad. I'm sorry, I can't be impressed by a guy who pitches about as well as Steve Trachsel. He's got 47 K's in 73 innings. Hmmm....

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Manny Ortiz said...

And since Game 3 of the ALDS in '01, Moose hasn't done anything special in the postseason.